Episode 86

Part-time Professionals


September 29th, 2020

54 mins 17 secs

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About this Episode

This week on #SlapperCast: a free-form discussion of metal/prog drummers, recent gigs, and how we're learning to navigate this seemingly never-ending pandemic as professional musicians.

Topic list:
• What coffee are we drinking today?
• Patrick’s coffee brewing tips
• Praise for drummer Dave Lombardo of Slayer and Mr. Bungle
• Dave Lombardo’s on-and-off again relationship with Slayer
• Lombardo vs. drummer Paul Bostaph
• New tour dates in early October (Wichita KS, Omaha NE, etc.)
• T-Bone Tom’s in Kemah on October 23rd
• Acoustic Blaggards shows... without a fiddle player?
• Many thanks to Tim Kennedy for providing video footage from our performance at the Sherwood Virtual Celtic Gathering
• Our recent show at Blackwater Draw Brewing Co. in Bryan TX
• Eric’s new drum kit
• Texas Governor Greg Abbott is choking our pubs and breweries
• Praise for Chris Buckley, former Blaggard fiddler who played with us last week
• Time signature changes vs. “feel” in rock music
• Eric’s favorite Rush song
• Eric’s upcoming PASIC roundtable discussion on Neil Peart, featuring Mike Portnoy of Dream Theater
• Do prog bands take themselves too seriously?
• Our habit of teasing audiences with brief bits of classic rock songs we have no intention of actually playing
• Our new album is in the mixing stage
• Looking forward to getting out-of-state for the first time since the pandemic started
• Memories of our first road trip with Eric back in 2017
• NEXT WEEK: a giveaway of Blackwater Brewing Co. beer on Episode 87
• Upcoming Houston-area shows in November
• People who request songs and then disappear
• Song requests that make no sense
• Billy Joel’s overt Beatles influence on “Nylon Curtain”

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