Episode 248

Dander Up


November 14th, 2023

47 mins 51 secs

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Special Guest

About this Episode

Episode 248 was recorded en route to Sherwood Forest Faire for a show during their "Hynafol" role-playing event. Our special guest this week is Patrick's daughter Tara, who runs camera and joins in the discussion.


  • The weird trend of doing slow, depressing covers of upbeat songs
  • Tracy Chapman, Oasis, Strung Out, The Beatles, Danzig
  • The power of live music to bring people together
  • Why does Turbo look like a drummer?
  • Funny stories about our friend Chris Heinrich, who used to run sound at the Continental Club Houston

00:00:00 — Intro/Show Updates
00:01:21 — Ireland tour updates
00:04:45 — Sherwood's "Hynafol" event
00:09:52 — Song kills
00:24:48 — Prodigy
00:27:06 — Last Christmas (Wham)
00:28:16 — Tara's song kill
00:33:54 — Don't take live music for granted
00:36:51 — You look like a drummer
00:41:32 — Funny soundguy stories
00:46:10 — Wrap and THANK YOU

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