Episode 217

Whore of the Highway


April 11th, 2023

53 mins 56 secs

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SlapperCast Episode 217 "Whore of the Highway"

This week, the whole band gets together to recap last month's Florida tour, share some highlights from Paddy's Day, and share some stories about the first van Patrick bought for the band: the much beloved DEIRDRE, an old Ford Econoline Conversion Van that will soon be memorialized in song.

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00:00:00 — Intro
00:00:59 — June tour plans in the works
00:01:39 — Recapping Florida tour dates
00:19:53 — Song kills/resurrections
00:35:14 — Heide's underrated band pick
00:39:09 — Thank you to Larry Blackwell
00:44:21 — West Coast Tour Plans?
00:46:24 — Turbo's snare stand snafu
00:49:46 — Deirde, Patrick's old Ford conversion van

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