Episode 203

Motivational Orgy


January 3rd, 2023

47 mins 53 secs

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SlapperCast Episode 203: "Motivational Orgy"
Pogues Tribute Show Recap | The Art of Soundcheck

The first episode of 2023 features Patrick and Chad recapping our recent Pogues tribute show at the Continental Club Houston with accordionist David Mendoza, discussing the art of the soundcheck, looking back on a momentous 2022, and looking forward to an even more remarkable 2023.

Interspersed is a lot of footage from the Pogues Tribute show, including footage provided by Sean Glynn, Jon Riesenfeld and Tara Devlin... thank you all!

ALSO: a look back at a 2020 recording session for "Wagon Wheel", A.K.A "Segway" (off our album #BLAGMATIC), with video footage from the studio featuring keyboardist Patrick Brennan.

Song picks:
The Pogues - Medley: The Recruiting Sergeant / Rocky Road To Dublin / The Galway Races

AdrianBelew • "Big Blue Sun"


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